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The potencial of pineapple fiber

pineapple fiber sample textile application

Like iron wire, the hardness, and thickness that make up pineapple fibers can be used to create bendable and strong structures. Through the materialisation of a collection of samples, a new typology of form about foldability and structure used with a natural material has been created. The Fiber as a high specific stiffness, that quality make very difficult to connect the edges together. Spinning the pineapple yarn only with pineapple fiber is not use, mostly is spinn with cotton o silk. Still produce in low quantity, because of the high cost of production. The market is searching for a durable and economical solution to reuse the fibers reducing the price of manufacturing. The fabric has a natural gloss similar to silk, and is better in quality. This gloss protects the fibers and as a result, pineapple does not require any treatment with toxic chemicals.The yarn is delicate and requires skill and care to work with.

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